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CyberPanel is a new open source web hosting control panel for the OpenLiteSpeed ​​web server. With CyberPanel you can easily add new domains / vhosts and manage SSL for them. In addition, the lscache module is enabled by default so that users can use their pages to cache pages. This provides additional performance.

CyberPanel also has a one-click auto installer for WordPress and Joomla. The WordPress installer also enables the LiteSpeed ​​Cache plugin for WordPress. This provides additional performance for WordPress.

CyberPanel ie OpenLiteSpeed ​​is installed php 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 php versions, ftp, dns, mariadb, phpMyAdmin, file manager, Auto SSL, Email Service. From here you can choose the php version you like for your sites. Also available in Turkish language support on CyberPanel.

CyberPanel (with Open Litespeed) Minimum Requirements;

Centos 7.x
Python 2.7
1024MB or more RAM
10GB Disk Space

First install the required software via SSH (all ongoing processes must be done over SSH);

yum -y install nano wget
yum -y update
Open SELinux with nano editor and update as disabled

nano / etc / sysconfig / selinux
Sample ;

SELINUX = disabled
Record with the following keyboard key combinations and exit the editor;


ctrl + x + e + enter
Restart the server;

Reconnect to SSH and walk through the CyberPanel setup command;


sh <(curl https://cyberpanel.net/install.sh || wget -O - https://cyberpanel.net/install.sh)
Installation can take an average of 30 minutes. After the installation, the administrative information will be as follows;

Login: https: // servername: 8090
Username: admin
Password: 1234567
After you login to the panel you will surely have admin password and update the email address of the panel with a strong password! Sample shortcut; https: // sunucuipadr here: 8090 / users / modifyusers

Some links;

CyberPanel Documents; https://docs.cyberpanel.net
CyberPanel Update; in https://docs.cyberpanel.net/doku.php?id=upgra
WHMCS Module; https://docs.cyberpanel.net/doku.php?id=whmcs-modul to

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